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Tension can me several things in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In this podcast I name some of them and give some ideias how bring the curiosity upon this subject.

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Also I insert the some official routine from the World (Un)productivity Summit crew from 2015 as a practice that can help bring more awareness to your body in a gentle way.

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Enjoy your practice.


After writing my book I notice that my eyes needed some regeneration exercises. Thats the my main goal in the next months to restore my eyesight.

Links mentioned in the podcast – with no affiliate links.

Yoga for Your Eyes, video and companion guide – Meir Schneider – I recommend to start here.

Vision for Life, from the same author, explores deeply the concept.

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Enjoy your practice.


Two days before leaving I decided to postpone no more and do my first podcast in China.

Being here is like being in some flow and some activities that easily are done in Portugal here encounter some resistance.

But then was again good to podcast and even I stretched the usual time of it.

The podcasts will return, but still figuring out – and curious – in what rhythm will they fit in in my routine.

Until then happy sky gazing and enjoy your practice.


When we choose to improve some process in our lives – how do we do it?

Are we aware that most of the choices that we do to improve sometimes reinforce the actual pattern that we are trying change and the improvement doesn’t necessarily happens but it gets even worst.

That’s some kind of blind spot there I suppose.

That’s my reflection after I tried the pomodoro method and the app Pomodoro One

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Closing means also celebrating. And this week besides the urge when I close a course I have to prepare the new on I reflected in the the importance for me of this subject. Not just closing but celebrating.

The Chinese have even a point for this subject. It’s the 3rd point of the Liver. It can be found using the picture below.



Happy sky gazing and enjoy your practice.

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