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Happy new year.

How sustainable are your actions?

As we crave for novelty it’s the stable and continuous – and sometimes boring – actions that bring long therm sustainability to our lives.

From the temple to the 3 star Michelin restaurants and understanding the diference between the two.

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the Nun Jewong Kwan 

Jiro dreams of sushi 

Enjoy your practice.

Tension can me several things in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In this podcast I name some of them and give some ideias how bring the curiosity upon this subject.

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Also I insert the some official routine from the World (Un)productivity Summit crew from 2015 as a practice that can help bring more awareness to your body in a gentle way.

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Enjoy your practice.


After writing my book I notice that my eyes needed some regeneration exercises. Thats the my main goal in the next months to restore my eyesight.

Links mentioned in the podcast – with no affiliate links.

Yoga for Your Eyes, video and companion guide – Meir Schneider – I recommend to start here.

Vision for Life, from the same author, explores deeply the concept.

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Enjoy your practice.