Your life, your practice


In December I started a project of building a blog on a homeschooling education project. (I know, I wrote project two time on the same sentence).

After the two days that this activity took, a side project came out, it’s called “The most important moment in the world” which aims to capture the most important moment in the week for each one of the students.

Down is one of the pictures that I received and you can know more about this project in today’s podcast.

You can also visit the website of this homeschool here.

most important moment

Enjoy your practice.

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According to Telekom Malaysia, due to a damage in one of it’s communications cables the internet is somehow slower in United States, Europe and North Asia.

Bringing this to everyday life and practice how paying attention to smaller details can be more effective, instead of just focusing one the “big fishes” and decisions in our lives.

Enjoy your practice and happy sky gazing.

You can see the original news here.